Wild animals murmured

Wild animals murmured
February 24, 2016 bandageslovesblood

Last week we spent 4 days in the mountains. Enjoying nature. Long time since i had sat by a fireplace. It snowed during the night and we could hear wild animals murmur in the backyard of the old house. The ancient house was built on the  the sixteen century. It’s floors waved and the pictures on the walls told stories of another times. Just by the house there was a farm with giant brown cows. I had a chat with one of the cowboys who said the cows weighted around 500kilos. There was only one male for the whole cattle to breed. Cows were friendly but seamed sad living in the farm. A crazy yellow dog played with them and showed them the way to the barn. We went to have dinner two nights to the closest town, called Benasque. We ate in two very nice restaurants called Cantaloope and La Parilla. On the way back home we spotted a marmot on the road, it was chubby and looked soft and warm in the cold night. It was the first time in my life I ever saw a marmot in real life.




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