Who is Pablo Ferro?

Who is Pablo Ferro?
febrero 17, 2014 bandageslovesblood

Pablo Ferro was born in 1935 in cuba, his family moved to New York when he was a teenager. In 1953, as a high school student, he began teaching himself animation techniques from a book by Preston Blai. He is a graphic designer & film titles designer. His titles have appeared in twelve Academy Award winning films.

I´ve know Pablo, after watching a documentary about his life & work… & how surprised i was when i found out he was the tittle designer of films i love & i have printed & sticked to my folders & notebooks!

Its curious how such an amazing artist was completely unknown for me & for most of the people. He wrote a comic, worked with great directors & animators, such as director Stanley Kubrick. He was pioner of quick-cut editing, multiple screen images animation (the first in film & television in 1963) something which nowadays still looks modern! Ferro’s visual style has had a big influenced in many films, television, animation, commercials, novels and children’s books.

I feel, as an spectator, that the documentary about his life “Pablo” is a bit weak. But Pablo Ferro´s history is pretty good! so i recomend to watch it.


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