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Visnú is a soap & cosmetic brand founded in 1885, in Asturias, Spain. it run successfully for almost 100years, until it’s soul & founder died in 1981, & sadly the company closed.


30 years after it has been born again, run by the descendants of the founder. Offering incredible soaps & candles, made with special care for you skin & being fair with the environment, following the traditional natural recipes from the old times. The company employees are descendants of the craftsmen that originally hand made the products to continue the handmade tradition. They support local factories to make the pretty boxes with beautiful prints where they place the soaps. All Off them are 100% recyclable. Moreover the company gives one product to charity every time you make an order with their project “get&give”.

If you want to know more about the incredible history of Visnú visit their website!


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  1. mar 6 years ago

    muy bonita la presentación de los jabones

  2. likethislike 6 years ago

    Me encanta la historia y filosofia! (y los jabones son geniales)

  3. isabel 6 years ago

    muy bonito!!!

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