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Last saturday i went to a pop up exhibiton, in a gallery in Velarde 14, Madrid. The exhibition was called: Theriomorphism
There where 3 artists: Hell’O Monsters, Miss Van y Okuda.

I felt really connected to this exhibition because the theme: Theriomorphism (therion, meaning savage animal or beast & morphism meaning shape) designates a men, that for some reason has animal features or was able to turn into an animal completely or partially. So the 3 works of this artists explore this concept, where animal & human are both part of the same thing & at the same level.

I love myths, fantastic creatures & werewolves. i like painting kids dressed in amimal clothes & i think humans, we have a connection with nature, animals & we should never forget about our wild side.

I already knew Miss Van, i really like some of her paintings, they are so beautiful, enigmatic & erotic at the same time. But i was really surprised about hell´o monsters, i didn´t know his work & i totally fell in love with one of his paintings, i wanted so badly to have it on the wall of my living room, but it was completely out of reach. So sad. Maybe some day. I felt a bit sad tough when i saw one of the pieces of Okuda, where an sculpture had a living bird inside a cage, i am not fond of using animals. Not in zoos, not in circus, and neither in art, dead or alife. Thats what i have to say.

The first image in this post is the Hell´O Monsters painting i am in love with. The other image is a painting by Miss Van which i found amazing.

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