The place of magic words

The place of magic words
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Arriving to Asturias


The first time i went there i was about 10 years old. We stayed at a small old castle near the beach. I remember that the wind was strong, the floor would speak as you walked & the roads where so narrow, we had to walk in single line.

The second time i stayed with my friend Eva at her parents’ house. I discovered that they had a magic garden where all the fruits & veggies were giant! & the dogs could open the doors.

Some time ago i went there to visit my friends Helena & Sito. That time a special boy told me he loved me for the first time.


Last week we went back to Oviedo, this kind of magic place. We stayed with Sito & Helena again! We spend the whole day at the store they own in the city. It’s one of the best stores in town & beyond! C’OVER is a must!

We also got to have lunch all together with Eva & Lola, her beautiful 2 year old daughter. We played hide & seek in the store after lunch & had lots of fun.

Asturias is a magic place!


Arriving to Madrid.


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  1. mi comunidad favorita, por suerte en menos de un mes estaré por ahí

  2. Eva 9 años hace

    Volved pronto

  3. ¡Que genial! Tengo ganas de ir.

  4. mar 9 años hace

    Mar, ya entiendo porque Asturias es mágica para ti. Yo tengo ganas de ir y conocerla mejor.

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