The house on the tree…

The house on the tree…
mayo 26, 2014 bandageslovesblood

We call our home the TREEHAUS! Because it’s on top of the building & it’s really small! There you feel like being in a secret place, where you can be yourself, say & do what you like! It’s magic! To me is the best place to be! It’s always fun & full of pretty things! Music is usually on & it’s always bright!

But someday I will build a real treehouse, I know I will….


We really like underground artists! We have some silkscreens & paintings from: Berto Fojo, Manuel Donada, thisismaurix, Jose Punzón, Jdön, Ghost Patrol, Marc Jones, Ana Bustelo, Sam Mcpheeters, Simon Hanselmann, Huzz & Isabel Reyes Feeney. Others we dont know who made them but we think they look great all together!

We also have some dinosaurs & old bottles & jars I bring home from the places we visit!

When ever I am away I miss our treehouse!


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  1. Es que vuestra casa es genial! Y todos los que allí estamos alguna vez, también nos sentimos como en casa! ^^

  2. mar 7 años hace

    Vuestra casa es ideal, porque vosotros sois geniales, hacéis todo con ilusión y eso se ve y se siente cuando estoy en ella.

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