The chicken house

The chicken house
septiembre 21, 2012 bandageslovesblood

When I turned six my parents gave me my first pet! It was a bird & his name was Pipi. Cute & small, had Brown & yellow feathers. I don’t have any pics, but this is how i remember it.
I loved it, because for the first time, i had something to take care of. & there was a big difference between him & my army of plush animales…He was alive! & this made me very happy!

One day i decided to build a bird house… i called it the chicken house!
Why? Because i always call chicken to all small animals that have wings, beak & feathers!

It took me a long time to get it done! But it was fun! Now i dont need a cage, i will probably need some time to see if some little bird out there likes it…






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  1. Mar 9 años hace

    Mar, me justa la casita . Me acuerdo cuando te compramos el pajarito. Tu le pusistes el nombre “PIPI”, que ilusión te hizo!!!, lo cuidabas, le dabas de comer…

  2. Sé que me repito mucho, pero… ¿Tú haces bien todo lo que te propones?

    Lo próximo que nos tienes que enseñar es el “pollito” que vive allí! Seguro que en cuanto la cuelgues, hay peleas de plumar para entrar.

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