The bend in the road

The bend in the road
febrero 18, 2014 bandageslovesblood

Paul Cézanne is one of the most significant French painters of the second half of the nineteenth century, is generally held to be “the father of modern art”. I went to see the exhibition showed in Thyssen Museum in Madrid lat week.

I loved the part where most of the painting show a “bend in the road” . He loved to be outside & was obsess with fields & mountains around Aix, where he lived. He walked with a backback full of paint, brushes & paper. He preferred the old roads & paths that adapted to the country landscape, not the modern roads. He liked the surprises & unexpected views of the site.

I also liked some of his latest art, where the paintings seamed unfinished, with blanck spaces & where the brush strokes where more abstract & expressive.

I found that the exhibition was a bit small.& some of my favorite Cezanne’s paintings were not there! But still I enjoyed it!

Here I show some of my favorites Cezanne’s paintings & a picture of Cezanne himself.







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  1. mar 7 años hace

    a mi también me gusto la exposición de Cezanne

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