julio 2, 2014 bandageslovesblood

When I go to the beach i need the highest level sun protection cream to survive. ( sometimes I feel like a vampire) freckles invade my body. I never wear bikini, always bathing suit with a nerdy print like bees or bananas. I always take my umbrella & my snorkel kit with me, but I usually forget to bring a towel!! THIS IS HOW I LOOK:

20140702-102411-37451934And when I go into the water, THIS IS HOW I FEEL:


I think the beach is super fan! Last week we were lucky to go to a wedding in Ibiza! It was our first time there. We spent 3 days around the island! The beaches are awesome! The color of the sea is just amazing!


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  1. mar 7 años hace

    Mar esa transformación a sirena me encanta, es genial que te sientas así. Las playas preciosas.

  2. hehehehe … tu alter ego es una sirena de pelo rosa, mmmm… interesante! hehehe
    Me flipa bucear, y si es en playas así, más!

  3. isabel 7 años hace

    Sobrinita, eres única!!!!!

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