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I really like American Holidays, Halloween is my favourite but i also like Thanksgiving. I Love to celebrate, as my mamma always says: “we have to celebrate everything, every little thing, tomorrow we never know.” So let’s be happy, let’s be gratefull. Traditions can & must change in my opinion, we keep the spirit but we choose not eating animals. WE CELEBRATE THE VEGGIE THANKSGIVING, giving thanks to all who have helped me with my “Stop Killing Animals Project”. We are still fighting for animal rights and for a fair world. I believe every little helps, but we at least must do that little thing. All together we will make the big change!

If you want to help… Click here!

This is my good friend Nora, wearing The Stop Killing Animals t-shirt. Thanks Nora! <3

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  1. Mar 6 años hace

    Mar, como me gusta todo lo que haces.Es maravilloso pensar en lo que nos rodea y cuidarlo.Es una pena pero necesitamos a personas como tu, que no lo recuerden, yo cada dia soy mas consciente que tenemos que respetar todo lo que tenemos en este mundo, gracias a ti.

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