Publicaciones etiquetadas con ‘bandages love blood’

  • Abr092017


    On February i was commissioned to make a stamp for a girl to use on her creations, letters, packaging. I decided to…

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  • Nov242016

    Adopt a Polar Bear!

    This Christmas, Bandages Love Blood presents….  Adopt a Polar Bear! This year with our “Stop Killing Animals” project we want to…

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  • May232016


    Estoy feliz! Porque por fin lanzo mi libro “Cheerleaders, un icono norteamericano visto a través de la moda“. Este libro…

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  • Oct092015

    Autumn is my favorite season 

    Hi! As the tittle of this post says Autumn is my favourite season. Here are some  pictures I took on…

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  • Ago052015

    Six feet under

    I have being watching the TV series “Six Feet Under” on my own for the past few months. Usually when…

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  • May042015

    Never tell me the odds

    I remember the first time I saw StarWars (Return of the Jedi) I was eating dinner in the living room…

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  • Ene292015

    Moving-set your path

    “Moving: set your path” is the new collective exhibition curated by Watdafac Galley in collaboration with Combustion Espontanea. this is…

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