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Stop killing animals is bandages love blood’s new project. I came up with this idea because i reached i point in my life i needed to do something & take sides. I think that we, people, are not conscious about the harm we inflict to animals, to the earth & to the ecosystem.

Animals are ment to be free & wild. Let them free. We don’t need to control everything that surrounds us. We don’t own the world. We are gifted with beauty & we just aim to destroy it. We don’t need to abuse, mistreat. kill or massacre animals. We really need to be conscious about this.

Animals, forests, the sea, they deserve respect. We really need to do something while we are in time to fix things. There is a phrase that i tooked from the movie: The cove, that I love: “All social changes come from the passion of individuals”. This can encourage us to know that we can make a difference even in the small things in our daily life. We can change the minds of the people around us! We can show with our own example. I am encouraged to do something about it!

that´s why i started the STOP KILLING ANIMALS project. with these t-shirts, bags & patches i aim to help on one side: sending a message to the world, on the other side economically by donating a 20% of each item to the organization: IGUALDAD ANIMAL.

I talked with them & told them my project. They were really happy. Every little helps.

todoI made 25 Limited Edition t-shirts & 25 Limited edition tote bags, plus 30 patches! If you are willing to take part & buy any of these visit bandages love blood store! Os send me an email at


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  1. mar 7 años hace

    me encanta tu proyecto. todos a luchar por la igualdad animal


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