SQ Atelier

SQ Atelier
July 31, 2014 bandageslovesblood

SQ Atelier is a small brand created by my friend Susan M. Quesada. Everything she makes is handmade & unique. She has a romantic but simple look. Nothing in excess, but the perfect mixed of materials & fabrics. Accessories which are simply perfect! For a special day or any other casual day you want to feel special.
I was so happy to make her the logo & the banner for her blog. I am proud of this beautiful project because I love the things she makes!
Visit her blog for more info & pictures. Or contact me if you have any request or question!

Have a nice day!





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  1. likethislike 6 years ago

    ¡Susi es una artista!

  2. Mar 6 years ago

    Son ideales los sombreros y las pajaritas me gustan muchísimo

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