Sometimes I wish I was brave

Sometimes I wish I was brave
September 26, 2014 bandageslovesblood

Whenever I hear a song I think about dancing with you in our little home. I love how you look at me that way. We see our reflexions on the windows as if we were the punk-rock stars we’ll never be. Sometimes neighbors stare, that’s why we put the “tiki” fence outside, but we really don’t care. We painted the walls light blue but only some know why! We have too many things to hang on the walls, our shelfs are always full, but these is who we are. We can’t let go memories. We know that no matter what we’ll always be vegetarians. I know someday we’ll have a dog, we will call Sadie. In the meanwhile I am trying to bring Juliet to live with us again. Sometimes I need to cuddle this little thing, look into those big black eyes & tell her I will always that care of her, I will never let anything bad happen to her. Never. Like when I saved her from the snakes & took her home. Sometimes I wish we could have many kids & live in The countryside. Many days I miss my grandma so badly i cry. We watch too many crappy films to find the great one in the middle of the crowd! I like when my brother comes & the three of us fit in our sofa for two & watch tv series & we know we know nothing. Sometimes I wish I was brave & I like when you make that sound that seems like a Velociraptor to draw my attention. I love it.

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  1. Isabel 6 years ago

    Hola Sobrinita valiente!!!! algún día tendrás a Sadie y quién sabe si un countryside!!! , yo también echo de menos a tu gran
    grandma…. Besitos

  2. mar 6 years ago

    Mar, mi niña valiente, llena de sensibilidad,, como me gusta lo que has escrito, parece una canción.Que tus ilusiones se cumplan, te mereces todo. .

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