mayo 17, 2014 bandageslovesblood

Reduce-reuse-recycle! Today is the international Recycling Day!


Think about how much waste humans generate…we are lucky we still can do somehting about it…imagine a world full of waste & way! If each one of us recycles at home, all together we can make a diference… i truly believe this! It´s just a small daily effort!  I will tell you what we do…First of all we are trying to reduce our amount of waste! Secondly, we buy food which containers are easily recycled, such as glass!! we take our own bags to the supermarket! We separate our waste! There is no excuse, in our treehouse there is very little space, but we still manage to separate & recycle! Once your start, you´ll feel better & won´t be able to stop!

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  1. Mar 7 años hace

    Bien MAR, con un poco de esfuerzo como tu dices lo podemos conseguir. A reciclar todo el mundo. El dibujo precioso.

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