N U T S !

N U T S !
mayo 31, 2012 bandageslovesblood

NUTS! is a brand new project I share with Isabel Del Fresno (Like this Like). She is the most talented girl I know! Not only with Amigurumi (as you can see on her blog…) but with a lot of creative things! Such as: baking cakes, making incredible & impossible hair braids…& many other things!

One day she came up with this new idea where we could put our stuff together! She would make this amazing & cute little amigurumi frames & i will make illustrations with my characters…

As a result we have NUTS! a collection of little Like this Like amigurumi frames & bandages love blood characters, full of color & hiding a secret…each character has its name & its personality… if you are lucky to have one…check the blog & find out your character´s name & the things they like! we will be updating charaters during the whole weekend! dont miss it!

This weekend we will be attending Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona (31 may- 3june) You can find our little corner next to Chingaste La Confianza records & Gssh Gssh records. After the festival you will be able to buy them online at Jackietirita. We will let you know!

So if you are in Barcelona, come & visit us! we will be happy to see you there!

love, NUTS!




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  1. Mar 9 años hace

    Mar, cada día me sorprendes !!! Estos cuadritos son una delicia. Me los quedaría todos. Van a gustar mucho. Tus pinturas , que te voy a decir, son encantadoras las caritas, parecen que cada una tienen su personalidad. Y los marcos de croché han quedado ideales. Seguro que tenéis mucho éxito. Besitos

  2. ¡Eres genial! Gracias por este proyecto juntas. :*****


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