Meet the little ones….N U T S !

Meet the little ones….N U T S !
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As we told you on our last post each charater of N U T S has it´s own name & personality…now is time to meet them all!!


Valentina is kind of tiny she likes punk music & dreams about meeting a cowboy

Bianca doesn´t like to the speak a lot, she likes silence or the sweet melody of an ukelele song.

Chuck is a trouble maker, likes rockabilly girls & he likes being one of the gang.

Siri likes carrot cakes, drawing hearts & boys with tattoos.

Iggy is a little bit naughty, he likes pretty girls with freckles & red hair.


Rocky is shy, likes reading trilogy books, loves birds & cold weather

Little Tornado, hasn´t told anybody his real name, he likes playing blackjack & small dogs

Jackieta always smiles, she has lived in many different places & she is happy everywhere she goes.

Lola, likes being outside, going for walks & riding her bike on the afternoons.

Florida, loves the beach, the sun, flowered shirts & piñacoladas.


Susi likes cats & strange music, she likes drinking chocolate milk & looking through the window…

Lucy is shy & so pretty with her pale skin & her big green eyes. she likes 50´s music & vintage dresses

Ricky likes sports, french fries & his dog Mike.

Blair is a bit of daddy´s girl, who enjoys old films & dreams about becoming a moviestar.

Isabella enjoys warn afternoons, baking cakes & collects teddy bears.


Sally loves going everywhere with her bunnie toy,she named Sisi, his big brother gave it to her when she was born.

Bunnie is the smallest of 7 brothers & sisters…she loves dressing up & playing by herself.

Sookie loves going out, meeting boys & riding in motorcycles with them…

Tuchi is in love with a boy…that´s why she cant stop smiling & daydreaming!

Charlie is crazy about music, he goes to every gig of the bands he likes!

love, N U T S!

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  1. Los quiero todos para mi, quizás me de a la fuga con ellos.

  2. Mar 9 años hace

    Que bien!!!!! Ya tengo una pequeña NUTS. SON TAN BONITOS. me encantan.

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