London is green & pink

London is green & pink
August 13, 2014 bandageslovesblood

At least last week London was green & pink! Green is for trees, Elphaba, emerald, hope, mermaids, the park, cucumber & avocado. Pink is for smiles, roses, a fox, ice cream & watermelon. I loved to be in London for a week, not only doing a drawing course but also having fun & enjoying some free time, with no hurry, without things to do, just hanging out with my friend.

We ate at: Taro, wagamama, & trangallan & we had Mexican homemade food & Tesco sandwiches!

We watched: Flipped (loved it) The Purge & went to the Theather to see Wicked ( loved it)

We visited stores such as: lik & neon, jimbobart, primark, magma, h&m, liberty, anthropology & rock it.

We travelled around by bus with our weekly oystercard, but we walked quite a lot! We had some beers in a random & curious Italian cafe one night. We met old friends & new friends. & the most awesome thing was seeing a fox in the street one night when walking back home!

I may say, it was an awesome week.

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  1. Isabel 6 years ago

    Que bien lo pasaste y cuanto me alegro. Besitos

  2. Isabel 6 years ago

    Ah! y el dibujo es muy lindo!!!

  3. likethislike 6 years ago

    Imposible representar mejor nuestro viaje en un dibujo! <3 Fue una pasada! Creo que he cargado la barra de felicidad para el resto del año! Gracias, pequeña :*

  4. Mar 6 years ago

    El dibujo es increíble y lo mejor lo que bien que lo pasastes !!! 💕💕

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