Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace
June 24, 2014 bandageslovesblood

If you have not heard about Against me I have to say its one of my favorite bands! The first time I saw them play was in Gainesville Florida, in October of 2011, in ‘the fest’. We were lucky to have Backstage passes thanks to our friends Ted Leo & Molly Neuman. Against me played in Florida Theather, the main venue, on Saturday night. Just after Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. The place was completely full & about to explode! At the end of the gig the stage was absolutely crowed & people were going crazy. I remember how Tom Gabel, the frontman of the band, smiled & enjoyed that moment.
We’ll at that time nobody knew that Tom suffered from gender dysphoria. This happens when someone has a mismatch between their biological sex & the gender identity. One day on May 2012, Tom brought the situation to the open & told everybody how she felt & that she had decided to start transitioning from men to woman. & her name would be, from now on: Laura Jane Grace.
I have to admit that, at the begining, i did not expected something like this, Tom was one of those singers I loved & found cute, With a strong voice & those Incredible songs. One of my friends was on NY at that time, so I asked her to bring me a copy of Rolling Stone magazine, where the whole interview was released. After reading it my feelings of surprise changed to admiration. I understood much better many of those lyrics, lyrics that express the need to be free, to be true to yourself. She became inspiration. For me she is a symbol of respect. We can not be judges of others people feelings & situations. We must respect & defend the right of everybody to be free & happy. The second time I saw against me, was last Tuesday, June 17th, in Madrid, Laura’s smile was even bigger! M.

P.S! Our birthday is the same day! 🙂


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    El dibujo es genial!! Son clavadas!

    Ojalá todos fuésemos así de valientes. Luchar por lo que de verdad queremos, y que nunca nos parezca tarde para ello, o que somos ya mayores para algunas cosas o cambios…

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