It feels like summer…

It feels like summer…
April 15, 2014 bandageslovesblood

And it seams there has been a long time since you haven’t heard something you like & then in that moment comes TEMPLETON & takes your breath away!


Their new LP “rosi” has those types of songs that you have to listen a couple of times & without noticing, the third time you hear it you realize you are completely in love. It’s not love at first sight, it’s true love. Love that lasts forever!

I had the chance to go to their show last Friday April 11 at Joy Eslava, in Madrid. The sound was great! The gig was awesome! here is the set list!

la foto

This band has the best lyrics I have ever heard, Sometimes they make me cry, others they make me dance on top of the sofa like crazy!

I love things that make you feel.

The band has 3 albums: Exposicion Universal, El murmullo & Rosi
I love all of them, although they are different from each other, they all have that thing you can’t explain & makes you want to hear it all the time!



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  1. likethislike 6 years ago

    Cowboy 💜

  2. Mar 6 years ago

    Son los mejores!!!

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