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This summer i spent two weeks in Indonesia. It’s beautiful! I liked the weather, although it’s a bit humid & there are a lot of bugs & mosquitos. I spent some of these days in Bali, people there are really nice, they always try to understand you & the best part is that they always smile.

Everybody ride motorcycles or scooters, it’s the only way to move around fast & easy, because there are plenty of traffic jams & the roads are not very smooth. My favorite hood in Bali, after a few days is Canggu. The beaches from my point of view are not the most idyllic, but good to surf & to go for a walk, eat or drink something. There are not souvenir shops & it’s not that crowded. Street art is beautiful there!

Bali is full of dogs everywhere. Some belong to the people around but they just walk around without a leash.

Others just live on the streets or the beaches. There don’t belong to any breed I know. But all look more or less alike. I found that most of them are white, cinnamon or grey. But I also saw some which looked like tigers. They are usually mid size & friendly. I felt curious & search the internet to find more about these dogs. I found an organization called: “I love Bali dogs” which fights against mistreat & violent kills of dogs in Bali. They take care of street dogs, by nursing them back to health, sterilize & vaccinate them, to find them homes & encourage people to adopt them.
They also fight to give them their own breed, as Bali dogs. Hooray!

I now have good friends in Bali, who I miss, & showed me a different way of living & a beautiful country.

Places to visit in Bali:
Stores: Deus, Drifter, Moonrocks.
Eat: Deus, Old man’s, Earth,
Potato head, W hotel, Dandelion, Belenut, La finca, La Favela.
Stay: frii hotel
Sites: Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Balangan, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Echo beach, Canggu, Batu Bolong.














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  1. mar 6 años hace

    que bonitas las fotos¡¡¡ tienes mucha sensibilidad.. Que ricos los perros.

  2. isabel 6 años hace

    muy bonito!!!!besitos

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