HOME MADE Christmas

HOME MADE Christmas
diciembre 23, 2012 bandageslovesblood

Some people say christmas is all about spending money…well…i think christmas is about home cooked food, lights, surprises, smiles, family, friends & beautiful things…& all of these dont cost much! I propose a D.I.Y X-MAS!!!!
Love_ M.

X-mas balls with stencil artwork! maurix & me bought the cheapest ones in the súper market, spray paint & enjoy!

A top star! made with yellow felt i had in the "fabrics” box… some thread & love!


A beautiful x-mas project made in my amigurumi class at Like This Like!


I wanted my home, which we call “the treehauss” to hang from the x-mas tree! So i made it with an old cardboard box, glue & markers!


The best present is love! Sending x-mas cards is a cute way to show it to the people you miss & love! So i made some myself with watercolor & ink!

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  1. mar 8 años hace

    Que bonitas son las Navidades, cuando le encontramos el verdadero significado, pasarlas contigo junto a la familia es maravilloso. Cada cosa que creas, esta llena de amor, y para mi es el mejor regalo, las rosca navideña, la estrellita, que ponemos cada año en el árbol…
    te quiero tanto. Besitos.

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