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February 14 is saint valentine’s day… To me is the day grandma was born. That’s why she was named Soledad Valentina, which means Loneliness Valentine. I think it’s a beautiful name.

The legend tells that Valentine was a doctor who became a catholic priest to be able to marry couples when marriage was forbidden, above all forbidden for soldiers, because it was believed that love would interfere with their duty. So he married couples secretly. When his activity was brought to the open, he was murdered by the authorities.

That’s why people celebrate love on this day. I don’t care that now this day has become an excuse to sell things we don’t need. And, regardless all the stupid things that people do, or the advantage that the market takes from it, I like the story.

It’s a pretty name with two beautiful meanings, that could seem contraries but also match perfectly.

I personally don’t celebrate valentines day, but I do remember my grandma this day & every day. That’s how love needs to be, present everyday.

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  1. mar 7 años hace

    me ha gustado mucho tu comentario, pero lo que mas el dibujo de la Abu Sol,es ella.

  2. me flipa el dibujo <3

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