Going to the movies…

Going to the movies…
octubre 13, 2012 bandageslovesblood

It’s so cool when you are waiting for a movie to start showing in cinemas! & finally comes the day! You buy the tickets, some popcorn & wait for it to begin! It’s so exciting!

That happened to me yesterday! When i finally got to to see Frankenweenie.

It was just Awesome!

This is one of Tim Burton’s first projects, it was a shortfilm he made in 1984. But Disney thought it was terrifying for children…so it was not shown. He has now turned it into a stop motion full lenght film…with some changes. But the main story keeps the same.

I love dogs…& i love stories with dogs. Its great how he makes Sparky look so real, showing the way dogs move & act! Its so sweet!

A few days ago we went to see the exhibition about the making of. I love the word he creates around the story. The little characters & the ir own personal worlds! Its cute but at the same time is dark.

I really enjoy it when he goes for stop motion!



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  1. Me encanto. Y aunque Víctor es genial, la niña rara con su gato, ¡me tiene fascinada! (A lo mejor la descargo para volver a verla … Hehehe)

  2. mar 8 años hace

    Mar, me lo perdí, el perrito como se parece al tuyo!!!

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