Don’t stop believing…

Don’t stop believing…
agosto 1, 2012 bandageslovesblood


I think i´ve watched the last scene of The Sopranos about 20 times.
Five minutes of huge tension & intensity. The song, the words, the secret meanings…everyhting put together in such a great way.

I dont like endings, they are usually wierd, they either disappoint me or they are what i expected.

But this ending is great. And it is a really difficult thing to do. I mean, if you think about it, this show could be going on for many more years becasue it is someting contemporary, it could be going on in another part of the planet (NY in this case) while you live your life.

I feel that in the end its all bout the characters. The way you connect with them or you hate them, or you expect things from them.

Taking about tv shows that have ended. I´ve watched & like Friends quite a lot, here is not just the characters, is the importance of a place that keeped everybody together.

With Lost, which i followed like a complete fan, is quite different, this is “real” fiction, because when time traveling, evil, monsters & powers come into the scene. It basically leaves that part of daily life aside, unless your life is such unusual, which is not my case(for the moment). This does not means that you don’t get involve wth the characters, it means that it could end in any crazy way possible. It’s like a book you cant stop reading. Like the first time i read Boris Vian, you need to place your self somewhere out of the ordinary to enjoy & be part of it.

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  1. ¡Que guay te ha quedado el dibujo! ¿Haces bien todo lo que te propones? ¡Que guay!

  2. Mar 9 años hace

    no he visto ninguna de las series que comentas,pero te cuento que Adolfo esta viendo los soprano y le encanta la serie, ya le preguntaré cuando vea el último capítulo, yo he visto algún rato pero no la sigo, pero el dibujo de Toni Soprano esta estupendo. Como dibujas!!!

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