• Sep202016


      Collaboration with Thisismaurix  to create 2016 “Savage Cinema” official poster. Savage Cinema is a section of San Sebastian´s Film…

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  • Feb242016

    Wild animals murmured

    Last week we spent 4 days in the mountains. Enjoying nature. Long time since i had sat by a fireplace.…

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  • Dec252015

    Be light

    This year we have a small and simple message for Christmas and for the new year: “be light”. Let this…

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  • Oct142015

    Madrid and the land of cowboys 

    Soon we are off to visit the land of Cowboys! Bye bye Madrid  even in black and white pictures you…

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  • Oct142015

    Antwerp magic

    Antwerp is a magical city!            

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  • Oct112015

    Fall in Madrid

    Sometimes we don’t stop to see the beauty around us, we rush all day to get here and there. Lately…

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  • Oct092015

    Autumn is my favorite season 

    Hi! As the tittle of this post says Autumn is my favourite season. Here are some  pictures I took on…

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  • Mar212015


    This is a post about love. Today is the international day for Down Syndrome. I don’t like days that commemorate…

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  • Feb142013

    February fourteen

    Is a very especial day because today is the day my grandma was born! …she was named: Soledad Valentina, a…

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  • Jun142012

    Take them home….

      Some of the ones that decided to take N U T S home! Thanks! We are sure that all…

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