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  • Feb242016

    Wild animals murmured

    Last week we spent 4 days in the mountains. Enjoying nature. Long time since i had sat by a fireplace.…

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  • Oct092015

    Autumn is my favorite season 

    Hi! As the tittle of this post says Autumn is my favourite season. Here are some  pictures I took on…

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  • Aug102015

    Summer part 1: London 

    After the course in Saint Martins I stayed a few more days in London. Most of the time we spent…

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  • Mar282015

    Lombok & Gili Air

    Lombok is a Indonesian  island near Bali that we visited last summer.  We traveled to Lombok from Bali by ferry…

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  • Mar202015

    late WINTER in London 

    A week ago I spent 3 days in London for work. But I was able also to visit some vintage…

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  • Feb222015

    Barcelona for the weekend

    Great weekend in Barcelona, did lots of things, the weather was nice & we got to meet some of our…

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  • Jan122015


    A winter view of Madrid, La Granja de San Ildefonso & Pontevedra.

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  • Oct252014


    This summer i spent two weeks in Indonesia. It’s beautiful! I liked the weather, although it’s a bit humid &…

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  • Aug242014

    What I see

    Gilbert W. Chesterton ( English writer & journalist) once said: “the traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what…

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  • Aug132014

    London is green & pink

    At least last week London was green & pink! Green is for trees, Elphaba, emerald, hope, mermaids, the park, cucumber…

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