rare vintage things

  • Feb242016

    Wild animals murmured

    Last week we spent 4 days in the mountains. Enjoying nature. Long time since i had sat by a fireplace.…

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  • Aug102015

    Summer part 1: London 

    After the course in Saint Martins I stayed a few more days in London. Most of the time we spent…

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  • Mar202015

    late WINTER in London 

    A week ago I spent 3 days in London for work. But I was able also to visit some vintage…

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  • Oct022014

    Love letters don’t kill trees

    I have 4 boxes full of letters at home, that’s what happens when you grow up without cell phones &…

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  • Jul252014

    A girl’s dolls

    Although during my youth i was kind of a tomboy, when I was a kid I loved dolls! Always carried…

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  • Jul222014


    Visnú is a soap & cosmetic brand founded in 1885, in Asturias, Spain. it run successfully for almost 100years, until…

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  • Jul212014

    Seen in Berlin…

    New favourite places in Berlin: Eat: Oliv Münzstraße 8, 10178 Berlin Mio Matto Warschauer Str 33 10243 Berlin Shop: Neurotitan…

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  • Oct302012


    Little pieces of far away places…you take home! Then, when you see them…you will inevitably be driven to the memory…

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  • Oct122012

    Looking for bottles

    Last week i spent sunday morning with Isabella (like this like) at el rastro in Madrid. We were looking for…

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  • Oct082012

    I’m on the bleachers

    Thinking about those days when responsibility was a martian word…Just like a song of Blink 182…

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