• Aug052015

    Six feet under

    I have being watching the TV series “Six Feet Under” on my own for the past few months. Usually when…

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  • Jun212015

    You make everything ok

    Lately i have seen many TV series end. It’s kind of like losing friends. The characters live by your side…

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  • Jun192015

    You know nothing

    I am not going to talk about game of thrones, I don’t want spoilers on my blog! but I had…

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  • May042015

    Never tell me the odds

    I remember the first time I saw StarWars (Return of the Jedi) I was eating dinner in the living room…

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  • Mar292015

    Sons of Anarchy

    This weekend I watched the last chapter of the last season of the tv series Sons of Anarchy. I can…

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  • Dec312014

    H E L L O 2 0 1 5!

    I started 2014 with my broken right arm & a big smile in the snow! This year I spent many…

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  • Aug132014

    London is green & pink

    At least last week London was green & pink! Green is for trees, Elphaba, emerald, hope, mermaids, the park, cucumber…

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  • Jun242014

    Laura Jane Grace

    If you have not heard about Against me I have to say its one of my favorite bands! The first…

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  • May152014

    To infinity & beyond

      Last week i visited the exhibition: Pixar, 25 years of animation films, at CaixaForum. This exhibition has moved around…

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  • Apr282014

    Camino a Vaduz

    If you know me, you already know who is Kike Martin & his story. For those who don’t. Kike is…

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