• Nov052017


    Two years ago I started tattooing. I have always liked tattoos and it all began when people asked me for…

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  • Sep232017

    Bandages for Mexico

    When something bad happens and you are far away, there are always ways to help. As i can´t go to…

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  • Jun282017


    Everyday, but specially today, i celebrate and fight for love. It´s so sad that we still need to tell a lot…

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  • May172017

    Kids from other species

    One year ago, i met Chuck at my friends´Sergio & Sindri. They give shelter to animals until they find  a…

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  • Apr092017


    On February i was commissioned to make a stamp for a girl to use on her creations, letters, packaging. I decided to…

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  • Mar092017

    Woman’s day

    For my dad and my mom who raised me as a free independent woman. Who never told me what I…

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  • Nov252016

    Against violence.

    “Mereces un amor que te quiera despeinada, que te apoye en tus ridículos, que respete que eres libre, que quiera…

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  • Nov242016

    Adopt a Polar Bear!

    This Christmas, Bandages Love Blood presents….  Adopt a Polar Bear! This year with our “Stop Killing Animals” project we want to…

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  • May232016


    Estoy feliz! Porque por fin lanzo mi libro “Cheerleaders, un icono norteamericano visto a través de la moda“. Este libro…

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  • Feb242016

    Wild animals murmured

    Last week we spent 4 days in the mountains. Enjoying nature. Long time since i had sat by a fireplace.…

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