Books for kids…

Books for kids…
abril 3, 2014 bandageslovesblood

Yesterday abril 2 was the internacional day of books for kids! When i was Little i loved books…I am lucky my mom kept my favorites so now I can read them again!

Dailan kifki, a crazy story about a girl who adopts an abandoned elephant & falls in love with a fireman.

El principe y la doncella, a history of love & blood. ( the prince & the damsel) my grandma gave me this book, she always gave me books & always wrote a small dedicatory… Now I love to see her handwriting & the words she wrote for me.

La ratita de campo y la ratita de ciudad, ( the little country rat & the little city rat) the story of two rat cousins one from the country & a simple life style & the other from the city.

If you think about this it’s really curious, know I fight for animal rights, I found my prince & I love blood. I am living in the city I just think about moving the country & living a simple life & having a ranch!

Take care of what you give to you kids! My parents & grandpas as you see where the best & did it great!

I also remember another book “when I grow up I want to be a nurse” which I always used to pick in my school library when I lived in Buenos Aires.
I have to find my library card! I loved that book! & I still love bandages!

I want to write some kids books! I will soon! 🙂




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  1. mar 7 años hace

    Que bonito Mar¡¡¡, y que ilusión poder tener los cuentos que tanto te gustaban de pequeña.

  2. ¡Yo quiero leerlos algún día! (tengo que encontrar el de la ratita Mandy… ahora me da pena no saber dónde está… joe!

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