Book love

Book love
abril 25, 2014 bandageslovesblood

Two days ago was the international book’s day! What can I say? Books are cool! Books make your heart beat, they make you dream, travel, learn, think, cry, imagine, draw, scream, laugh… When you read you can feel love, anger, fear, expectation, surprise, hate, tenderness & many other feelings. But the best part is that you can ride dinosaurs, dance with a vampire, kill zombies, drive a spaceship, talk with animals & time travel!


The last books I read are “Jane, the fox & me” by Isabelle Arsenault & Fanny Britt (2014) a beautiful illustrated story about an outcast girl that looks for her place.

& the other book is “Carmilla” by Sheridan Le Fanu (1872) a book about a girl vampire, it’s a easy book to read but creates amazing atmospheres. Carmilla was one of the first books about vampires, predecessor of Dracula!

Now I am reading: “why we love dogs, eat pigs & dress with cows” by Melanie Joy ( 2010) everyone should read this book to understand why we accept some things as “normal” & others as “strange” just because we are told so since we are little. It really makes you think about your eating habits & many other things in life.

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