better together chapter.2

better together chapter.2
mayo 18, 2014 bandageslovesblood

Tandem is a new restaurant located in Madrid, made by the owners of Triciclo, a well known restaurant close by.  The most important part is that the food is awesome! but not only that, the restaurant is a beautifull place & the people working there too! The logo, branding, the menu display & the whole art direction was designed by thisismaurix. He is a great freelance designer & art director. Sometimes we work together in different projects. This time he asked me to help him painting Tandem´s new logo on a  big blackboard wall. The colors we chosed were stone & gold. We grab a stair, paint & brushes &, very carefully, painted the logo! This is the resut!! If you have the chance visit Tandem for lunch, brunch or dinner! ummmm, the italian sandwich (vegetarian version) is awesome!

Tándem. c/Santa María, 39. Madrid. Tel. 91 016 80 67


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  1. mar 7 años hace

    Yo he ido a Tandem y la verdad que es un lugar con muchísimo encanto, la decoración es preciosa y el trato estupendo, la comida muy rica, bueno y el logotipo, la presentación de los menús, a todo detalle, se nota la mano de Mar & Maurix que son unos verdaderos artistas.

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