Against violence.

Against violence.
November 25, 2016 mar de martitegui ugarte

“Mereces un amor que te quiera despeinada, que te apoye en tus ridículos, que respete que eres libre, que quiera bailar contigo, que te traiga la ilusión…que te mire como si quizás fueras magia” – Frida Kahlo.

Bandages love blood contra la violencia de género y todas la violencias.

25 de noviembre. Día contra la violencia de género.


“You deserve  a kind of love that likes your untidy hair, who supports you when you mess up,  that respects your freedom, who want to dance with you, and bring you joys … Someone that looks at you as if you were  magic.” mixed of words by Frida Kahlo.

With this drawings and these words Bandages Love Blood fights agains all kind of violence.

And today specially on the national day against violence against women.

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