This year Bandages Love Blood & This is Maurix have worked together to make 2014 Christmas Card.  This card is printed in recycled paper, with a light blue background a little fox, a tree and a message: “You have everything you need to be happy in your heart”. With all these things we want to say:

-with the tree: we try not to forget about nature and make an effort to have an eco-x-mas, not creating unnecessary waste & recycling all we can!

-with the fox: we dont forget about animals & their right to live & to be free, having a veggie & vegan x-mas & not buying animals as a gift but adopting them from shelters.

-with our message: we tell everybody that we already own the prettiest things in life:  love, family, friends, memories… so we do not need to create ourself material needs. Let this season remind us about the really important things in life & with this spirit not be driven into the craziness of spending & buying unneccessary things  & think about all the people in need of food, care, peace & love around us.

Our hope is to keep all these intentions in our daily lifes during 2015 & little by little start making a change in our lifes. We encourage everybody to send this message & to send cards, let the mail be full of good wishes & give hope & love to the ones we have in our hearts!

With every purchase we donate 0’50€ to help animals ( all donations obtained will be given to Igualdad Animal by the end of January)

Visit our store or send us an email if you want to purchase a xmas card!
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  1. isabel
    Dec 18, 2014

    Qué bonito!!!! Besitos

  2. Mar
    Dec 19, 2014

    Feliz Navidad a vosotros, y que todos los deseos de la Navidad se cumplan durante 2015¡¡¡ Besitos
    Preciosa la felicitacion de Navidad.

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