“MOVING: set your path”

Combustión Espontánea Art Gallery, Madrid · January 2015

A collective exhibition in Combustion Espontánea Art Galley. Featuring: Andrés Magán, Berto Fojo, Gorka Villaescusa, Grosman, Hanna Andersson, HAZ, Hugo Sierra, Jonny Negron, Jose Ja Ja Ja, Jose Punzón, Manuel Donada, Mario Riviere, Mathilde Van Geluweh, Omar Gonzales, Rocío Cañero, Spok Brillor, Stevie Gee & Tetsunori Tawaraya and Bandages Love Blood. An exhibition about new beginnings, looking forward, never turning back, unfamiliar faces, unseen scenarios, updated souls, approaching goals, accepting challenges, young blood, unexpected turns and newfound dreams. We all move, we are all forced to.



“OH, CHAVAL” a Simpsons Tribute

Watdafac Gallery, Madrid · September 2013

A collective exhibition in Watdafac Gallery, Madrid. With the following artists: Berto Fojo, Hugo Sierra, Rocío Cañero, Clara Iris, Manuel Donada, Maurix, Jose Punzón,Eduardo“Ruru”Alonso, Carletti, Grosman, Nano 4814, Gorka Villaescusa, David González & Bandages Love Blood. Bart is the best and everyone knows that!. Such a little bastard like him has never been this loved and supported by humanity and has never been so liked by parents, children, pets and particles in the air. No matter where they´re from. What a nice guy!” So for this first issue various amazing Spanish artists will present their own special vision of The Simpsons©, probably the best cartoon that have ever existed in our world as we know it.



Watdafac Gallery, Madrid · May 2012

What would you do if this was the last summer before the world ends? A collective exhibition featuring: Gorka Villaescusa, Rocio Cañero, Haz, Rubenimichi, Espaun-256, Grossman, Clara Iris, Arnau Sala, 3501, Marc OCallaghan, Grande Graphix, Nano 4815, Maurix, Huzz, Ruru and Bandages Love Blood. Curated by Watdafac Gallery, Madrid.