Becoming a cowboy

Becoming a cowboy

  Six months ago i decided to change my life. Not because i didn’t like it, but because I had forgotten my dreams along the way. I placed myself into a personal challenge where my aim was to turn into a cowboy in 6 months.

For me becoming a cowboy was a metaphor about achieving my dreams and being brave enough to do it. Which meant, first of all,leaving my job as a kids’ fashion designer (A job I had been doing for 10 long years).

Turning into a cowboy also meant I would have to ride alone. Therefore to start working as a freelance designer and make a living out of it.

But the most important thing about becoming a cowboy was to turn real, the world that lives inside of me. Thus spending most of my time to working on my personal projects!

So each week I posted different steps on my instragram. Where little by little I encouraged myself to reach my goal!

I posted images and quotes that gave me the strength to go ahead with my porpoise!

This quote was one of most inspiring: “May the space between I stand and where I want to be, inspires me”.

I followed all the steps and now I am about to start my new life as a COWBOY. And I am really exited about it! To start I made a Limited Edition of Cowboy Boots lapel pins! (Best quality brass pins in full color // 5€ each)

Get one!! And feel like a cowboy too!

You can either send me an email to or get it on the BandagesLoveBlood Store.

Thanks for reading and for supporting my cowboy life! Love <3

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  1. Laura
    Oct 5, 2015

    You are amazing and I can’t wait for my pin to arrive 💖

  2. Isabel
    Oct 6, 2015

    Todo te irá de maravilla….”Cowboy”. Besitos

  3. mar
    Oct 13, 2015

    todo lo mejor para ti, mi pequeña Cowboy. Te quiero. Besitos.

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